Tenure Track position for a Software Architect in the field of “Design and Development of Software Solutions for Health & Well Being” at Bruno Kessler Foundation, Centre for Communication and Information Technology (ICT).

FBK is a private research institution devoted to excellence in research in numerous disciplines and designated to the role of keeping the Autonomous Province of Trento in the mainstream of European and international research. Each research area is assigned to a specific research center, of which there are seven total. Information regarding the research centers, their activities and production is available at http://www.fbk.eu/research-centers.

The Center for Communication and Information Technology is an international research center that conducts high level research activities impacting both the market and society, providing practical demonstration of the added value of research through the development of systems, experimental validations, industrial applications, and social initiatives. These goals place FBK-ICT in a unique position in the international scientific arena differing from universities, which are primarily devoted to theoretical development, and from applied research centers, which are mainly devoted to technology transfer. More information about FBK-ICT is available at https://ict.fbk.eu/

Within the Health & Wellbeing High Impact Initiative framework, the goal of the “eHealth” Unit is both the continuous design, implementation and validation of an Intelligent Personal Health Coach/Assistant Platform supporting citizens in adopting healthier lifestyles and chronic patients in self-management and the application of Data Analytics methods and tools on clinical data from institutional healthcare repositories for providing advanced intelligent services and predictive health risk assessments supporting decision support in the healthcare domain.

eHealth Unit is currently involved in several research and innovation projects, in strong collaboration with other research units of FBK, as well with the local and national healthcare organizations. The core technological asset of eHealth Unit is the “TreC_AI” software platform, a large software project that integrates all advanced tools, services and applications developed by eHealth.

Job Description

The purpose of FBK’s Tenure Track program is to offer high level professionals the opportunity of pursuing a structured career path in order to become a tenured technologist contributing to the long- term strategy of the organization.

The candidate will work in the scope of the projects of the eHealth Unit, with the role of Software Architect and Senior Developer. The role requires working to the design and development of the software platforms and applications produced by eHealth in the scope of its research and innovation projects, in collaboration with the staff of the development lab of the unit.


Typical tasks will include:

  • Initial design of new software and extensive software revisions.
  • Definition of platform/product requirements of high-level architectural specifications, ensuring feasibility, functionality, and integration with existing systems/platforms.
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and selection of adequate technologies for the software products.
  • Participation to the development, quality assurance and operation of the software.
  • Translating academic research into product development.
  • Involvement in the evolution of the existing “Trec_AI” platform.


The ideal candidate should have:


  • Master Degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science (or equivalent degrees).
  • Proved experience (5 or more years) in enterprise IT, management or technology consulting and software development.
  • Solid experience (5 or more years) in DSP model (development, staging, production) and DTAP model (development, testing, acceptance and production) of healthcare IT solutions.
  • Solid experience in participating in specific research projects in healthcare domain.
  • Solid experience (5 or more years) in development of healthcare IT solutions.
  • Solid experience (5 or more years) in core Java software development.
  • Solid experience (5 or more years) in HL7/FHIR data integration.
  • Creativity and propensity for innovation.
  • Oral and written proficiency in Italian and English.
  • Strong problem solving and planning skills.
  • Team work attitude, good communication and relational skills.



Additional Valuable Experience:


  • Experience to building production-ready software.
  • Skills in Database, SQL and NOSQL.
  • Experience of Message Brokers / Brokers Integration.
  • Knowledge of business rules engines and complex event processing features.
  • Knowledge of conversational agents domain.
  • Knowledge of search engines and recommender systems.



Type of contract: Tenure Track position leading to an FBK 3rd Level Technologist (T3) permanent contract.

The maximum duration of the Tenure Track contract is 5 years (which may be reduced depending on the assessment by the Committee of the candidate’s capacities and skills). If the final assessment of the Tenure Track experience is positive, the selected candidate for the tenure track position will be offered a permanent T3 contract.

Working hours: full time.

Gross annual salary: from 39.500 € to 45.000 € (plus possible bonuses), depending on candidate’s profile.

Start date: February 2020.

Workplace: Povo, Trento (Italy).

Benefits: flexi-time, company subsidized cafeteria or meal vouchers, internal car park, welcome office support for visa formalities, accommodation, social security, etc., training courses, reduced bank account opening fees, public transport, sports facilities, language courses fees. Further details at www.welfarefbk.info.


Candidates are required to submit their applications by filling in the online form at https://jobs.fbk.eu/. Please make sure that your application includes the following attachments (pdf. format):

  • detailed CV;
  • cover letter.

Application deadline: 18th of November 2019


Please read our Regulations “Guidelines for Tenure Track positions” and Tenure Track FAQ before completing your application. 


For further information or technical issues regarding the application, please contact the Human Resources Service at jobs@fbk.eu.

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