Art. 1

(Object of the recruitment)


FONDAZIONE BRUNO KESSLER (FBK) hereby institutes a recruitment procedure for the selection of a director for FBK-IRVAPP. FBK is a private research institution inspired by the Constitutional principle of freedom of research, by the European non-discrimination regulations and by service to the international research community, devoted to excellence in research in numerous disciplines and designated to the role of keeping the Autonomous Province of Trento in the mainstream of European and international research. Each research area is assigned to one of our seven specific research centers. Information regarding the research centers, their activities and production is available at .


The RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR THE EVALUATION OF PUBLIC POLICIES (FBK-IRVAPP) is a policy-relevant research institute. Its scientific mission includes the evaluation of public policies, the dissemination of findings from this research, the promotion of a culture of impact evaluation, the training of policy evaluators, the analysis of socio-economic inequalities, and the development of micro-simulation models for the analysis of fiscal policies and their effects on income distributions. The Institute is regarded as one of the top institutions for research on public policy evaluation in Italy. Research activities focus on labour policies, education policies, industrial policies, health policies, welfare policies, and social and economic programs in developing countries.


Art. 2



Eligible applicants are professors or researchers in Economics, Sociology, Statistics, affiliated with public or private universities or research institutes of international standing. Previous international experience and leadership in international research teams are necessary requirements to apply for the position. Candidates should hold advanced scientific qualifications, documented in a list of publications in international journals, together with a well-established network of academic relations inside the scientific community. Candidates should provide evidence of their expertise in the design of impact policy evaluations.


Art. 3

(Roles, duties, and level of commitment)


The Director is responsible for the overall functioning of FBK-IRVAPP, and reports to the Board of Directors.
The position of Director requires a partial time commitment. The time commitment will be defined based on the availability of the candidate and a negotiation process. However, the Director is expected to regard his/her position as the main time commitment after that required for any academic or other organizational duties.
The Director assists the Scientific Committee in its studies and submission of proposals to the Board of Directors.
The position of Director is incompatible with that of Chairman, General Manager, or other executive positions inside FBK, or with membership in the Board of Directors or the Scientific Committee.


Art. 4
(Term of office)


The term of office of the FBK-IRVAPP Director is three years and may be renewed.
The activities of the Director are evaluated once a year by the Board of Directors, in relation to achievement of the objectives outlined and agreed at the time of the hiring. If said objectives are not achieved, the Director may be dismissed from her/his position by decree of FBK’s President, following a resolution by the Board of Directors.


Art. 5



The gross basic salary is € 45,000 (part-time), renegotiable on the basis of availability/time dedicated to the appointment. A performance bonus upon the achievement of the objectives is also provided for (MBO). In the case of appointment of an existing FBK employee, the salary will be defined ad hoc.


Art. 6

(Submission of applications)


In order to participate in the selection procedure for the position of Center Director as per art. 1, applicants must complete the online form published at
Application deadline: 05 November 2019 (12 a.m. GMT+1)
Applications must include the following attachments in English (.pdf format):
  • a brief statement expressing the applicant’s readiness to fill the position on a part-time basis and the undertaking to eliminate any reason for incompatibility;
  • detailed CV, including a list of academic titles and documents testifying professional appointments and experience;
  • a proposal for the development of the center over the next three years;


Art. 7

(Selection procedure)


After the initial recruitment stage, two Selection Committees will be appointed. The First Committee will be responsible for checking the applications and making a preliminary selection. The Second Committee will interview the candidates short-listed by the First Committee, assess them, and reach a final decision together with the Board of Directors.


Art. 8

(Appointment and start date)


A Director will be appointed by the Chairman of FBK among the candidates considered most suitable by the Selection Committee, following a resolution of the Board of Directors.
A letter of appointment will be sent to the successful candidate, who will have ten days to accept the offer in writing. The contract envisaged for individuals from the private sector or from public entities other than universities or public research bodies and institutes, must in all cases be signed no more than sixty days after the date on which the appointment letter was sent. Failure to accept or sign the contract will invalidate the offer.
The start date of the appointment will be mutually agreed. (by May 2020 anyway).
The effectiveness of the appointment will be subject to verification of the inexistence of grounds for non-appointment pursuant to art. 20 of Legislative Decree No. 39 of 8 April, 2013, "Provisions on non-appointment and incompatibility of offices in public administrations and private entities under public control, pursuant to art. 1, paragraphs 49 and 50, of Act No. 190 of 6 November 2012”.



                                                                                                                                                                                THE FBK CHAIRMAN

Prof. Francesco Profumo


Trento, 5 September 2019


Please read our “FAQs” and the “Guidelines for Selection of Directors” before completing your application.

For further information or technical issues regarding the application, please contact the Human Resources Service at

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