Internship in the field of Mixed Reality (for Bachelor’s students)

Mixed Reality (MR) has shifted from being used only by experts to being accessible by anyone. MR content can be visualised and interacted with via different devices such as smart glasses, HoloLens and smartphones. Immersive and intuitive interactions with virtual objects using only bare hands is still a challenge, as it requires a user’s hands and fingers to be accurately localised and segmented in 3D space to account for occlusions during scene rendering. 

In this project, the candidate will research how to enable seamless bare-hand Mixed Reality interactions with augmented objects. In particular, the candidate will develop an algorithm for accurate collision modelling between objects of arbitrary shapes. The candidate will then design a set of experiments to evaluate the performance of MR algorithms and compare results to state-of-the-art alternative solutions. If you are interested in this internship send a direct email to the contact below.

Required knowledge and skills:
Basics of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics.

Programming languages:
C#, C++.

Development Environment:
Unity 3D.

More Information:
This FBK Internship opportunity is for Bachelor’s students.

Minimum 3 months.

From october 2018.

Fabio Poiesi <>
Business units
Europe/Italia/Trento - Povo