Collaboration opportunity for the development of hybrid superconducting-magnetomechanical quantum devices

The FBK Center for Sensors and Devices (FBK-SD) is an applied research center that operates in the following scientific and technological areas: quantum technologies, detectors, microsystems and integrated systems. The FBK-SD has extremely advanced technical knowhow in innovative devices design and fabrication technologies as well as in the system integration. The strategic mission of the FBK-SD is scientific excellence combined with the ability to exploit research results. The innovation model is open to collaboration in national and international expertise networks.

Within the research MTSD (Materials and Topologies for Sensors and Devices) Research Unit, a research line focused on the development of superconducting devices is present. The related research activities cover the design, microfabrication and cryogenic characterisation of planar superconducting quantum devices, with applications in fields like circuit Quantum Electrodynamics and Quantum Sensing.

The MTSD Unit of FBK-SD, in collaboration with CNR-IFN, is opening a position for a collaborator with experience in low temperature physics, cryogenic measurements and superconducting devices. Expertise in planar microfabrication techniques is appreciated.


Job Description

We are looking for a collaborator who will be assigned tasks related to the Hy-QMS project. The Hy-QMS project is funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research in the framework of a bilateral cooperation agreement between Italy and Singapore on Quantum Technologies, and aims at investigating hybrid quantum systems with magneto-mechanical resonators for quantum information and quantum sensing. The main objective of the project is the microfabrication and test of planar superconducting circuits, Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUID) and/or Josephson Parametric Amplifiers (JPAs), coupled to micromechanical resonators carrying magnetic particles.


Tasks and expected results:

  • Optimisation of the design of the planar superconducting devices (SQUIDs, JPAs)
  • Design and optimisation of the experimental set-up, comprising micromachined mechanical resonators with ferromagnetic load coupled to superconducting devices
  • Implementation of detailed characterisation measurements of the developed setup at low temperature, focusing on configurations optimized for magnetometry and for microwave optomechanics 
  • Development of tools for data acquisition and data analysis   
  • Preparation of internal and external scientific presentations
  • Writing of reports and scientific publications, if required

The collaborator will carry out their assignment with full autonomy and freedom regarding time and location, while adhering to agreed-upon project progress deadlines.

The research activity to be conducted should be coordinated together with Andrea Vinante (CNR-IFN), PI of this project, and Federica Mantegazzini, co-PI of this project.


Job Requirements

The ideal candidate should have:

  • PhD in a field related to Physics;
  • Experience in the field of low temperature physics;
  • Experience with cryogenic measurements and assembling of cryogenic set-ups;
  • Good knowledge of oral and written English;
  • Good communication and relation skills;
  • Autonomy in developing research and organizing work activities. 

Furthermore, the following elements will be positively evaluated:

  • Experience in planar microfabrication processing


Type of contract: Coordinated continued collaboration agreement

Start date: Preferably in June

Expected duration according to the contract for the execution of the assignment: December 31st, 2025

Gross compensation for the entire duration of the project: about 58.000 €

Workplace: the collaborator will carry out their assignment with full autonomy and freedom of time and location, provided that the offices of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento) and CNR-IFN (Trento) are available to the collaborator for the fulfillment of the assignment.



Interested candidates are requested to submit their application by completing the online form ( Please make sure that your application includes the following attachments (in .pdf format):

  • detailed CV;
  • motivation letter. 

Application deadline: 16 May 2024 
New application deadline: 31 May 2024

Please read our Recruitment Regulations before completing your application.

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