A Technologist for control of Hydrogen system

A Technologist for control of Hydrogen system

FBK is a private research institution based in Trento (Italy), operating in different scientific fields and disciplines. As such, it keeps the Autonomous Province of Trento within the mainstream of international research. FBK comprises 13 research centres with activities and production available at http://www.fbk.eu/research-centers.


The Centre on Sustainable Energy (SE) supports the development of devices and methods for generating, storing, and distributing energy solutions with low environmental impact. It is done from the perspective of energy sustainability, systems and solutions that respect the environment and the quality of life, and solutions with a lower impact on health and environmental pollution levels. The ground for the Centre on "Sustainable Energy" is based on the Decarbonization targets, which will demand more flexibility of the energy system through new gas and power grids and using energy vectors and storage solutions as enablers for the broad penetration of renewables.

The HYdrogen Technologies and Resilient Energy Systems unit (HyRES)  is a research and development unit at the forefront of advancing hydrogen technologies and resilient energy systems. With a primary focus on hydrogen, the unit works diligently to innovate the future energy grid, making it more intelligent and capable of integrating renewable sources. Ensuring energy resilience and security is a central goal for the unit, to be reached in collaboration with industrial partners. The unit research encompasses various aspects, including hydrogen production, storage and final uses, all with the overarching aim of reducing the carbon footprint of energy systems and positively impacting the energy market, making it more sustainable and secure for the future. 

HYRES unit is involved in the following European projects and industrial consultancies: 

·         AMON[1]

The EU-funded AMON project will develop an innovative system to convert ammonia into electric power using a solid oxide fuel cell. The project focuses on designing critical components, such as the fuel cell, ammonia cracker, ammonia burner, and anode gas recirculatorion. Additionally, the project will engineer the balance of the plant, validate compliance with ammonia use, and manufacture an overall ammonia fuel cell system. Finally, the system will be tested in a maritime port area to assess its practicality. Overall, the AMON project seeks to create a sustainable and efficient system for utilizing ammonia as a hydrogen carrier to support clean energy solutions.

·         Industrial consultant concerning control aspects of H2 plant and system


[1] https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101101521

Job Description

HyRES unit is looking for a Technologist specialized in the H2 sector who will support the projects mentioned above with the following activities:

  • Participate in the engineering activities and control aspects, mainly focusing on developing control logic and PLC deployment on prototypes and test benches.
  • Elaborate control strategy and logic for H2 systems and prototypes.
  • Collaborate on the risk analysis activities performed within projects and industrial consultancies.
  • In collaboration with the H2 technical team, support the head of the unit in defining the safety requirements for equipment to be installed in FBK's facility.
  • Support and collaborate with the H2 team in the definition of equipment requirements and equipment procurement.
  • Collaborate with the H2 team on research activities within the mentioned projects, proposing and leading specific innovation aspects.
  • Leading research activities on novel control paradigms for H2 systems in collaboration with the H2 team.
  • Develop technical files related to the control of the H2 system in compliance with european normative

Job Requirements

The ideal candidate should have:

  • MSc in Energy, Chemistry, or Mechanics.
  • Skilled in mechanical and/or electrical drawing and/or assembly.
  • Familiar with technical gas facilities and equipment.
  • Familiarity with CAD programs ( or similar for P&ID and electrical drawing)
  • Know-how in the writing of requirements
  • Familiarity with Process Flow Diagram (PFD), P&ID, electrical scheme development and interpretation
  • Competence in electrical connection for transducers and sensors (4-20mA 0-10V or serial communication)
  • Teamwork approach, good communication and relational skills.
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English.
  • Self-motivation and result orientation.

Furthermore, the following elements will be positively evaluated:

  • Basic Know-how in the H2 sector.
  • Basic knowledge or direct experience in R&D facility development.


Type of contract: Fixed Term Contract
Working hours: full time (38 h per week)
Gross annual salary: about € 36.200 - € 41.400 depending on background and expertise in the field.
Start date: July 2024
Duration: 2 year
Benefits: flexi-time, company subsidized cafeteria or meal vouchers, internal car park, welcome office support for visa formalities, accommodation, supplementary pension and health funds, training courses, public transport, sports facilities, language course fees. Further details at https://www.fbk.eu/en/work-with-us/

Workplace: Rovereto and Povo - Trento

Interested candidates must submit their application by completing the online form   (https://jobs.fbk.eu/). Please make sure that your application contains the following attachments (in pdf format):

  • Detailed CV
  • Cover Letter (explaining your motivation for this specific position)

Application deadline: 17th of June2024

Please read our Recruitment Regulations before completing your application.
For further information, please contact the Human Resources Services at jobs@fbk.eu

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Centro Sustainable Energy
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