A Software Developer in the area of Adaptive Software for Online Courseware exploiting Virtual Reality


The Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) conducts research activities in Information Technology, Materials and Microsystems, Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, Italian-Germanic historical studies, Religious studies and International Relations. Through its network, it also develops research in the fields of international relationships, conflict causes and effects, European economic institutions, behavioral economics and evaluative assessment of public policies.


The FBK Center for ICT focuses research on key areas of Information Technology with the aim to produce added value for the market, cultural growth, and social welfare. Our research aims to push innovation through the construction of a networked system that involves companies, other research institutions, universities, public bodies, and end-users. FBK ICT research activities focus on three main areas: Engineering, Content, and Interaction. More information about ICT is available at http://ict.fbk.eu  


Workplace Description

The Software Engineering Research Unit (SE) aims at investigating two strategic areas of software development, for which the available technologies are largely unsatisfactory: (1) Requirements engineering; (2) Code analysis and testing. In the first area, the scientific challenges deal with the explicit representation of autonomic behaviors (e.g., those of self-adaptive systems), of the normative constraints and of requirements engineering for distributed software development. In the area of software testing, the challenge is to automate the generation of the test cases, the detection of faults, their localization in the code and the application of counter-measures.

More information about the SE Unit is available at http://se.fbk.eu


Job Description

The candidate will work in the scope of the projects of the SE unit, with the role of Developer. This role requires to contribute to the design, development, integration of software components that are produced at the SE unit in the context of research and innovation projects, in collaboration with the researchers of the unit. The ideal candidate should be able to evaluate technology solutions for the exploitation of research results and to collaborate with researchers in selecting the most appropriate technological.

Typical tasks will include:

  • Development of novel software components in an autonomous way; maintenance and evolution of existing software components and their integration with software components developed by project partners
  • Collaboration to the design of software components
  • Quality assurance and operation of the software
  • Evaluation of state-of-the-art delivery platforms suitable for the exploitation of research prototypes


The ideal candidate should have

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science (or equivalent degrees);
  • Experience in software development, development tools and technologies (ECLIPSE, Git, Maven, Gradle), issue tracking systems (e.g. JIRA); Database management (SQL and No-SQL databases
  • Hard skills: JAVA, Python, API programming;
  • Oral and written proficiency in English,
  • Team work attitude,
  • Good communication and relational skills


Additional requirements


  • Master in Computer Engineering or Computer Science (or equivalent degrees);
  • Participation in research project / development projects
  • Problem solving and planning skills




Type of contract:  fixed-term contract

Working hours: part-time or full time (negotiable, depending on candidate’s availability)


Duration: 12 months (with possibility to extend the contract depending on funding), starting from April 2019.

Gross annual salary: 26.300 Euro  (full time)

Workplace: Povo, Trento (Italy)

Benefits: flexi-time, company subsidized cafeteria or meal vouchers, internal car park, welcome office support for visa formalities, accommodation, social security, etc., free training courses, reductions on bank account opening fees, public transportation, sport, language course fees. More info at https://www.welfarefbk.info/.



Candidates are required to submit their applications by clicking on the "Apply online" button at the bottom of the call (published on https://jobs.fbk.eu/), filling in the online form and including the following attachments (.pdf format):

  • detailed CV;
  • letter of motivation.


Application deadline: 19 th February, 2019


Please read our Regulations on the recruitment and selection of fixed-term personnel (effective from October 15, 2018) before completing your application. 


For further information, please contact the Human Resources Services at jobs@fbk.eu.



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