A Software Developer for social media automation

Future Media is a research unit of the Information and Communication Technology center that works in the field of job automation based on artificial intelligence expertise that include: machine learning, recommendation systems, and natural language processing.


Future Media develops an innovative application, called Pokedem, that helps social media managers and influencers to automatize some of the activities needed to create and maintain successful accounts. The application uses the latest artificial intelligence techniques, including neural networks, to recommend what to post, like and share, who to follow, etc. It learns from past actions done on the social network to recommend new actions that maximize the number of likes, new followers, and positive comments. Currently, the application supports Twitter and allows to automatize routine activities, such as, scheduling, and some non-routine activities, such as, followers acquisition, content creation, and content commenting and interaction. The ultimate goal is to introduce much more creativity and empathy, making the application more valuable to the business.

More information is available at https://ict.fbk.eu/units/hii-fm/


Job description

Future Media is looking for a developer with a good knowledge of Java to support the development of Pokedem.


Main Tasks

  • Software design, development, and maintenance
  • Code optimization and debugging
  • Training, test, and maintenance of machine learning models
  • Clearly and regularly communicate with management and colleagues
  • Design and update software database
  • Test and maintain software to ensure strong functionality and optimization
  • Recommend improvements to existing software as necessary


Job requirements

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Master degree in computer science
  • Good experience in back-end development
  • Good experience in programming in Java or similar object-oriented languages (e.g., C#, C++, Python)
  • Good experience in SQL and relational database design, maintenance and interfacing with software systems
  • Familiarity with ReST API principles, design, and implementation
  • Proficient with Linux, including basic skills in administering a Linux server
  • Familiarity with version-control (e.g., GIT), operating-system-level virtualization (e.g., Docker), and log management systems
  • Good knowledge in Italian and English (spoken and written)
  • Good communication and relational skills
  • Ability to work both independently and in team


Additional requirements

  • Multi-year experience in software development, with special focus on web-based solutions
  • Knowledge of Spring Framework (including development with Spring Boot) and/or Java EE solutions
  • Knowledge of additional programming languages: Python, JS and PHP
  • Knowledge of machine learning principles, techniques and tools
  • Knowledge of unit and functional testing
  • Familiarity with object-relational mapping (ORM) techniques and tools (e.g., Hibernate)
  • Familiarity with NoSQL data models and systems, such as key-value and document stores
  • Experience with frameworks for big data processing (e.g., Hadoop, Flink)
  • Contribution to open source projects
  • Love to learn new technology
  • Prioritization, time management skills and capability to adapt to dynamic environments


Type of contract: fixed term contract

Work hours: full-time

Gross annual salary: from 34.300 € to € 39.300, depending on technical background and expertise of the candidate

Start date: 3 December 2018

End date: 30 November 2019 The contract may be estended where it is consistent with the Foundation's policies.

Workplace: Povo, Trento (Italy)

Benefits: flexi-time, company subsidized cafeteria or meal vouchers, internal car park, welcome office support for visa formalities, accommodation, social security, etc., reduced bank account opening fees, public transport, sports facilities, accommodation, and language course fees.
info at https://www.welfarefbk.info/




Candidates are required to submit their applications by clicking "Apply online" at the bottom of this page.

Please make sure that your application includes the following attachments (pdf. format):

  • Detailed CV
  • Cover Letter (explaining your motivation for this specific position)


Application deadline: 5th of November 2018
New Application deadline: 26th of November 2018



Please read our Regulations on the recruitment and selection of fixed-term personnel (effective from October 15, 2018) before completing your application.

For further information or technical issues regarding the application, please contact the Human Resources Service at jobs@fbk.eu

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